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A home-based business specializing in modern buttercream cakes and one-of-a-kind sweet treats.  Proudly serving the greater Jacksonville, FL area.

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Behind The Cakes

Hi there!
My name is Alisha Barbera and I am the owner of and  face behind Alisha's Baked Goodness! I am a momma of two little girls and a wife to an amazing, supportive husband! I have lived in the Jacksonville area for over 15 years.


Baking has always been something that has brought me joy; seeing the recipient's reaction to yummy desserts is the best reward! My love for baking and sweet treats began when I was a child and has only grown stronger! After I had my second daughter, I wanted to spend more time with my girls so I decided to quit my day job and I started to pursue my passion for baking!

I am honored to be able to create custom treats for someone's momentous occasion! It is very important to me that my clients receive one-of-a-kind cakes and treats that are tailored to their individual needs and that every order that leaves my kitchen has the utmost quality using the freshest ingredients.

When I am not baking, I love spending time with my family or taking on other crafty projects!

Thank you for stopping by!

I cannot wait to learn more about you, and more importantly, create for you!